About Us

Our interest in Morgans began in the 1960s when we attended the 1964 National Morgan Horse Show at Northampton, MA. It became a love affair in the 1970s when we purchased an older black Morgan mare that had lost her papers somewhere in the shuffle of her lifetime. She was called Princess Holiday (Holly) and could do everything a Morgan was known to do. That included saddle, both western and hunt seat, and driving.

In 1978 we decided to breed Holly. In our search for a stallion, we admired Chief Red Hawk. Our veterinarian persuaded us to give up the thought of breeding a mare with no papers. Instead we purchased Siridian Marhawk (Chief Red Hawk x Oldcolony Marina Don) in utero. Sam was born on March 21, 1979, the first day of spring. He was the first of the Siridian babies.

In the beginning, we were interested only in the show ring. With our first trainer, Bob Brooks, we showed several horses until 1984. At the same time, we developed an affinity for carriage driving. There were not many places to take a horse for carriage training or lessons in the early years. We went to events and watched others compete. In 1981, we competed in our first CDE at Myopia. And, we were hooked.

The inability to find qualified trainers was instrumental in our becoming carriage driving trainers. We specialize in beginners to drive and teaching them how to show in carriage pleasure and CDEs.